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In 2016, voters of the City of Los Angeles approved Proposition HHH (Prop HHH), which authorized the use of general obligation bonds in the amount of $1.2 billion dollars for the construction of permanent supportive housing for homeless Angelenos. The ballot measure indicated that the funds would be used to provide for the development of 10,000 supportive housing units to be built quickly to get homeless individuals off of the street, and into housing. Since that time, news story after news story has highlighted how the City is not on track to produce 10,000 units from Prop HHH. 

A report from the City Controller showed that the average per unit cost for Prop HHH projects is $531,373. While the City's maximum contribution per unit is $140,000 of Prop HHH, the time needed for projects to secure full financing has bloated project budgets and added years to the construction timelines of units that were needed yesterday. A comprehensive analysis of all Prop HHH projects is required so that Council may have an accurate picture as to what projects are on-time and are least costly, as well as those that are behind and/or over budget. 

I THEREFORE MOVE that the Housing & Community Investment Department be instructed to report to Council within 30 days on the status of all Prop HHH funded projects and their current status compared to when they were originally awarded a letter of commitment; and, 

I FURTHER MOVE that this report should include the following information on each Prop HHH funded project: a comparison of the total development cost per unit, total project cost, and proposed completion date both at the time of project award and currently, that shows how far behind schedule and over budget each project is; the proposed financing and the status and amount of each source of funds, whether or not extensions have been granted on the letter of commitment; a detailed explanation of why a project is behind schedule or has an increased budget; and, 

I FURTHER MOVE that the Departments of City Planning & Building and Safety be instructed to report to Council within 30 days on the required entitlements of all proposed HHH projects, where those projects are in the entitlement process, and the anticipated remaining time for each project until entitlements are approved. 

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