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In 2016, California voters passed Proposition HHH.  The measure promised the construction of 10,000 affordable housing units. The units have been slow to come on-line and have involved far higher costs than anticipated.  The City of Los Angeles instituted strict award limits of $136,000 per unit. However, HHH projects are now averaging over $500,000 per unit.


It’s clear that the current funding mechanisms for the construction of affordable housing is broken. 

As such, the City Attorney has been instructed to prepare a report to the Council within 30 days outlining clear legal options that the city holds to withdraw letters of commitment for Prop HHH funded projects which are currently in pre-development phase or whose developers have not yet entered into formal loan agreements with the city. 


Additionally, this initiative asks that the report include an update on the financing status of each project as well as reasons why projects are over budget and behind schedule. 

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